About Dr. Girard

I am Dr. Jenn Girard, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado with a great deal of experience providing various forms of therapeutic care. I hold a Doctor of Behavioral Health degree from Arizona State University which focuses on the connection between physical and emotional health. I have worked with patients and families with a wide range of concerns including sleep, chronic pain and chronic health conditions, stress and anxiety, depression, severe mental health diagnoses, trauma and abuse, grief and loss, familial and parenting issues, and addictions.

I am a native of Colorado and a large dog lover (understatement). I have been fortunate to have traveled to dozens of countries and all 50 states, and taken thousands of photos along the way.


I have worked in a wide variety of clinical settings, with populations including domestic violence victims and offenders. I have also helped people struggling with substance abuse inpatient and outpatient. I worked with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless at Stout Street Health Center. I was able to provide integrated behavioral health services as part of the wonderful Cystic Fibrosis team at Children’s Hospital Colorado helping families cope with sometimes debilitating chronic illness and the complex issues that accompany it.

I was part of developing a Telehealth psychiatric access program for medical practices across the Western Slope of Colorado and trained the medical providers on integrated behavioral health and mental health topics. I also had the opportunity to help create and operate an expansion of a non-profit in Eagle County providing 24/7 crisis services. Most recently, I have been involved with a low income primary care clinic working as part of a multi-disciplinary team providing brief, solution-focused care to patients with a variety of medical and behavioral concerns.

style and approach

My therapeutic style is present-focused and direct and pulls from a variety of primarily brief, evidence-based techniques including cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, patient education, and more. Sometimes things that have happened in our past resurface and need to be addressed, but for the most part, I focus on what is not working right now and what we can do to address them.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is my basic framework for understanding the things that cause us pain and how to create change. The basic idea is that we all have unwanted thoughts that lead to unwanted feelings that lead to unwanted behavior. When we interrupt this pattern using a variety of validated techniques, you will be in control of your thoughts instead of your thoughts being in control of you.

If this sounds like an approach that might work for you, check out our services and schedule your free consultation. I look forward to chatting with you!

licensure and certification

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Mental Health Disorders
    • PESI, Inc.