About Wayfinder Integrative Solutions, LLC

Wayfinder Integrative Solutions was created to meet the needs of busy Coloradans and help people find their way using a holistic approach. Integrative medicine is an approach to wellness and health that incorporates the whole person and their lifestyle. It is relationship focused, evidence-based, and eclectic in nature. This is what you can expect from treatment. Whether we are working on your chronic pain, social anxiety or recent break-up, we will take a look at all parts of your life, how you eat, your relationships, your sleep and more to develop sustainable strategies to go from just okay to balanced and fulfilled.

There is a significant lack of access to services due to the many rural areas of our state among other barriers. You may have medical needs that prevent you from leaving the house weekly to meet, or you struggle to leave due to anxiety. Maybe you have young children and do not have the time to get to a counseling office before wanting to get home to have dinner with them.

The decision to provide online counseling in addition to in-person was based on research and a desire to meet people literally where they are at. The brief, direct and targeted nature of our services are a perfect match for secure online delivery. If you think online counseling might be a good fit for you, click here to learn more.