• Schedule a 20-minute free phone consultation by calling or scheduling below. This phone call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit, for you to share how you think I may be able to help, and for you to get a feel for my style. A good fit is the most important thing. If we both feel that we fit, we will move forward. If not, I will give you some suggestions for who/what might be what you are looking for.

  • If we are moving forward, you will receive an email asking you to create a password for a secure patient portal through my software program, Simple Practice. Once you login, you will be taken through a process of providing demographic information, answering a few questions about you, and a couple of important forms that discuss the process of counseling, your rights and my practice policies. Please take your time with these and we will discuss them during our first visit. I also require that you provide a copy of photo identification which can easily be uploaded to the patient portal by clicking the documents tab and then upload. This portal is also place where billing information is located as well as easy scheduling for you for ongoing visits. It also has secure messaging which is a safe way for you to get in touch between appointments.  

  •  Once this paperwork is complete, we will schedule your initial visit which is 75-minutes. When we schedule this video visit, you will receive an email prompting you to either follow the link on your computer or download an app through the app store on your phone called Telehealth if you plan to use your phone for our meetings. The email from Simple Practice provides a link to tips for success for telehealth that are helpful. This is an in-depth video appointment where we talk about the paperwork you completed, and how to ensure success with telehealth (like making sure it looks like we are making eye contact). I will ask a bunch of questions about you and your history. The reason this appointment is longer is because I want to be certain I understand your needs and goals, so we can develop a personalized plan together.

  • Ongoing visits will be based on our plan and may include phone or live messaging, shorter or longer visits. This depends on your lifestyle, your needs and my clinical judgment. Keeping open and honest communication is key to ensure that you are getting all that you need out of our time together. I tend not to do long-term therapy as the modalities I use lend themselves to brief therapy, but again, your plan is unique to you and we will make decisions together about length of services. Read more about my therapeutic techniques below.

For in-person counseling, the same steps apply for the intake process, meetings will just occur in the office or a combination of office and online per your needs.