Primary Focus Areas


I focus on treating adults who are located in Colorado. While I have experience working with a variety of individuals and families and concerns, I specialize in working with certain issues. If you feel you could use support, and what you are struggling with is not listed, please schedule your free phone consultation and we can determine whether I may be a good fit, or I am happy to suggest other services.

Individuals in crisis, those who are actively suicidal or homicidal, and/or have complex mental health diagnoses would be better treated by a treatment team with more availability.

Most importantly, this is a place where all are welcome and will be treated with respect and dignity.

Chronic illness/pain/healthy lifestyle

I have extensive training through my doctoral studies in integrated behavioral health and have significant experience working in medical settings including primary care clinics and hospitals. Working with people with chronic health conditions including diabetes, chronic pain, asthma, and many more is my strong suit. There is a significant amount of data supporting behavioral intervention in the management of these conditions, mostly because they are so stressful! I can help you develop strategies to cope with this stress, figure out ways to organize your medications, help with needle phobia, and much more. I find that brief therapy utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or other similar modalities, described at the link below can be very effective in addressing these concerns since as chronic health conditions can keep us cooped up at home.

I have specialized training in nutrition and mental health, physical activity and mental health and sleep and use an integrative approach to your overall wellness. In my experience, this can create long-lasting improvement in your mental and physical health as they go hand in hand.


Before I was in this field, I was an early childhood educator and noticed how easily entire family dynamics could change by providing the parents with support and ideas for building boundaries and structure in their homes. I soon realized that working with families was deeply rewarding and went to graduate school to be able to provide therapeutic support for parents. Since then, I have had the privilege of teaching classes, running groups and working one on one with countless parents, helping them to develop strategies to reduce their stress and build the home life they desire. I provide therapy for parents around any number of issues individually or together from various frameworks and curricula, but primarily based on what works.

As a helper myself, I am aware of the many challenges we face when it comes to supporting others and still meeting our own needs. I enjoy working with other therapists, counselors, doctors, or anyone in helping professions to thrive in their passion for caring for others, while still remaining well and balanced.

The same goes for caregivers, we learn more and more about caregiver burnout and fatigue all the time. Caring for others may be your calling, or simply the hand you have been dealt, either way, setting boundaries, learning relaxation and self-care skills are pertinent in maintaining a sense of self and I am happy to help.

Life Transitions

Whether you just moved, changed careers, got divorced, retired, were diagnosed with a chronic medical condition or any other major life change, I can help you navigate and create your new normal. Some people thrive on change, others despise it, however, anyone can agree that it’s hard! Change is opportunity but sometimes we need help working through the stress and rebuilding.

additional areas of focus

  • Anxiety/Phobias
  • Stress Management/Time Management
  • ADHD
  • Problem Drinking
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger
  • And More

Consultation and Training

  • Available to therapists, trainees, medical practitioners or healthcare practices
  • Integrated behavioral health issues
  • Areas of Focus: Parenting, chronic illness, etc.
  • Teletherapy

Email: or Call: 970.239.1040 with inquiries